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Glass Decanters

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Glass Decanters

Wheel&Barrow offer a fabulous selection of glass decanters to bring elegance, style, practicality and a sense of luxury to your home bar.

Our selection of carafes & decanters may be used for any type of spirit, from gin, vodka, tequila, rum and whisky to red wine and port decanters. We have something to suit every  style, taste and need. 

You may ask yourself which is the best for me? Firstly, always go with your own personal style and taste. The main reasons for a decanter are not only for aeration, clarity and flavour, but also appearance and style. A decanter should be a reflection of what inspires you and makes your heart sing.

Types of decanters

Red Wine decanters are perfect for decanting any wine to open up the flavour, to enable the wine to ‘breathe’ enhancing the true characteristics of the wine. Decanting also enables you to strain the sediment from big old reds so you get the best aroma, flavour and clarity of your wine.

Port decanters traditionally have a flat base, broad belly and long neck Decanters are the perfect gift, a nice heavy whisky decanter with a strong stopper makes a strong bold luxurious statement. A square based carafe screams, handsome, chiselled masculinity. A more rounded carafe would be perfect for gin or vodka, making a softer more playful statement.  Have fun making your selection, you can’t go wrong.

Having a drink after work, buying, giving and receiving a gift, sharing a drink with family and friends has never looked or tasted better.

Buying decanters online

Our range is available online or come instore to see the full selection for yourself.

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