Fig Yoghurt Cake

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Serves 8-10

1.2kg natural Greek style yoghurt

200ml whipped cream

soft brown sugar, about 40-50g

4 fresh figs, sliced

fig and walnut bread, to garnish

80g pistachio halva, to garnish

chopped pistachio nuts, to garnish

coffee figs, to garnish

Line a strainer with a chux cloth or muslin cloth. Fold together the cream and yoghurt and start layering by spooning about 1/5 of the yoghurt in the bottom of the strainer and smooth over the top. Lightly sprinkle with a little brown sugar. Continue layering with yoghurt and a little brown sugar ending with a yoghurt layer. Cover and place on a rack with a bowl beneath and place in the fridge. Allow to drain overnight.

Invert onto a large platter and sprinkle over fresh fig slices, tear over a few coffee figs and sprinkle over pistachios and halva.
Serve with fig and walnut bread and dust with icing sugar.