Lamb Rub

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20g caster sugar

10 g cumin seeds

10g coriander seeds

10g black peppercorns

10g sea salt flakes

5g chilli powder

5g ground turmeric

In a mortar and pestle crush the peppercorns, then add the salt, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and crush to a powder. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Transfer to a bowl and coat the lamb back-strap in  the rub. Heat a little olive oil in a pan and add the lamb. Cook on all sides at a medium heat for a few minutes and then remove from the heat. Allow to rest for a few minutes. Serve with minted garlic yoghurt.

Serving suggestion; roast some pumpkin and enjoy with a roasted pumpkin salad with the addition of fresh salad leaves, and roasted pumpkin seeds and toasted walnuts.

Garlic minted yoghurt for lamb

150g drained Greek style yoghurt
1 clove garlic
½ tsp dried mint
10 mint leaves, sliced finely

salt and lemon juice, to taste

In a mortar crush the garlic with a little salt. Add the mint leaves and crush lightly. Add the yoghurt, dried mind and season with salt and lemon juice.