Ever wanted to bake a cake, bread or muffins and just didn’t have the right cake tin, silicone baking tray or bakeware that suited the recipe, so you aborted the mission? 

Here at Wheel&Barrow we have an extensive range of high quality, durable bakeware to suit virtually every baking need. Regardless of the level of your baking ability you will see better results using our baking pans, cake tins and silicone moulds. Baking is a science and the better the bakeware the more confidence you will have with the final result.

From rustic bread loaves to high tea, profiteroles and slices to Christmas baking and quiches, kids’ parties to wedding cakes we have a baking tin, silicone mould or tray to suit your need. Whether you prefer round, square, loaf, tarts, muffins, Bundt or madeleines, we have that special pan for your needs.

What to look for in bakeware?

We pride ourselves with stocking an extensive range that is extremely versatile so that you are able to use each pan for a number of different uses. Try the loaf tin for your next terrine, or your mini muffin tin for ice cubes. Think outside the square and you will have the perfect baking pan for any occasion.

Buying good quality bakeware means they will pretty much last a lifetime provided they are looked after. They will not buckle or bend easily, they conduct heat and cook evenly, release and clean easily and makes you want to bake more often, unleashing the baker within.

Buying bakeware online

We have an extensive range of bakeware to suit most baking needs. We offer free shipping on orders over $75*.
Take a look at our other baking essentials online. From scales, rolling pins, to flour sifter, baking mats and mitts, aprons and pastry needs. We also have an extensive range of recipes online to help inspire you.

Now all you need is a cup of tea….

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