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Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail Glasses

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are cocktails served in different glasses?

There are a variety of reasons for different shaped glasses for different cocktails. From making your drink look better to keeping the drink cooler for longer, cocktail makers have evolved their choice of glasses to suit the drinks that are making. Cocktail glasses are also chosen based on the volume of liquid in the drink, such as a tall glass for a long Island Ice tea or smaller glasses with a wide opening to let the spirits open up – such is the case with a Martini Glass.

What is the difference between a cocktail glass and coupe glass?

While there are many different types of cocktail glasses, and many cocktails can be server in a Coupe Glass, the main difference between a cocktail glass and a coupe glass is the rim on a couple glass turns inwards. This inwards turn makes a coupe glass ideal for drinks that are chilled before serving rather than icy dinks such as a frozen margarita.

Does the type of cocktail glass matter?

When it comes to choosing Cocktail Glasses, much of the decision is personal taste. However you should consider the size of the glass compared to the volume of the cocktail you will be serving. You would not want to be serving stronger cocktails, such as a martini, in a tall glass!

Why should I choose Wheel & Barrow glassware?

Wheel and Barrow stock a wide range of glassware to suit all types of drinks. From wine and whisky glasses to martini glasses and beer mugs all Wheel and Barrow glassware is made in the highest standards, so you can be confident in your purchase.

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