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View our Summer Catalogue!

Glassware - Tumblers, Whiskey Glasses & More

Explore our exquisite range of glassware designed to elevate your dining and drinking experience. From crystal-clear wine glasses that enhance the aroma of your favorite vintages to sturdy tumblers that are perfect for everyday use, our collection offers a wide array of options to suit any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of my glassware?We recommend to always wash glasses before use. For the best care, glassware should be handwashed carefully to avoid shipping and scratching. However most glassware is now made to withstand cleaning in the top basket of your dishwasher.

Can a champagne glass be used for cocktails?There are number of types of champagne glasses. Champagne flutes are tall and long and are perfect for serving champagne and champagne cocktails. Their narrow opening is not recommended for cocktails high in un-mixed spirits, as they require a wider necked glass for the spirits to breath. A coupe glass – another type of champagne glass – has a wide opening and can be used for these cocktails.

What is the difference between coupe glass and a cocktail glass?Traditionally used for champagne, a coupe glass has a wide opening and a slightly curved in lip. While it can be used for cocktails, it is not recommended for drinks with ice, as the ice will get caught on the lip.

What are the most popular types of glassware?With so many types of glassware available for all different purposes it is hard to say which is the most popular. Most households would have a selection of tumblers for day-to-day use. These glasses can be used for a variety of different drinks including water, juices, soft drinks and even spirits with mixers. Wine and champagne glasses are also commonly seen in most kitchens. For the drinks enthusiasts, many will stock their bar trolly with glasses specifically designed for cocktails, whiskey or beer.

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