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Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail Shakers from Wheel&Barrow

Making your own cocktails at home can be an extremely fun and rewarding process. And what’s more... you can make your mixed drink exactly to your taste! At Wheel&Barrow, we offer a wide range of cocktail shakers and accessories, perfect for any cocktail you might be concocting. Whether it’s an espresso martini, a whisky sour or a margarita, Wheel&Barrow has all the gear to help you create the most delicious cocktail at home.

Why You Should use a Cocktail Shaker for Your Home Bar

A cocktail shaker allows you to mix and chill all ingredients that are going into your cocktail. Most cocktails require different types of alcohols, syrups, juices, and sometimes even coffee, dairy and egg whites. It’s paramount that these ingredients blend seamlessly together. A cocktail shaker will ensure this by aerating and diluting your drink so that you strike the perfect smooth and balanced texture.
Cocktail shakers also allow you to chill your beverage, lowering the temperature of your drink much faster than just stirring it would.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cocktail shaker used for?Essentially a cocktail shaker is designed to mix your cocktail before adding it to your cocktail glass. Using a cocktail shaker evenly mixes your spirits and mixers for a better tasting, smoother cocktail. Many cocktail shakers will also contain a strainer to mix your cocktail in ice to cool it before serving.

How to make cocktails in a cocktail shaker at home?While each cocktail recipe has different ingredients and required slightly different preparation, the simple instructions to use a cocktail shaker involves four steps. 1) Add the ingredients to the bottom of the shaker. 2) Add Ice. 3) Place the cap on and shake. 4) Remove the cap and pour your cocktail into a serving glass.

What is the most commonly used cocktail shaker?The most commonly used cocktail share amongst professional bartenders and mixologists is the Boston Shaker. The Boston shaker consists of a metal shaker and a mixing glass. It has no built-in strainer and can be a bit tricker to use if you are a beginner. Many home cocktail enthusiasts prefer a cocktail shaker with a lid, that is easier to use.

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