Shaken, stirred, or straight up? Wheel&Barrow have an extensive range of barware, items and accessories, from cocktail basics to gifts for the wine connoisseur and modern mixologists of every skill level. Wheel&Barrows’ barware range caters for absolutely everyone. 

We have everything you need to shake, strain, stir, chill, aerate, muddle, measure, pour and present your favourite drop. Whether you want to transform your outdoor space into a beach bar, create an elegant wine bar or a chic whisky collection our home bar accessories has the complete range for your needs.

Wheel&Barrow offer a wide spectrum of up to date bar and cocktail trends and accessories. We stock everything from wine tubs to spirit measures, straws to ice buckets, and an impressive range of stylish glassware for every beverage.

Buying Barware & Barware Accessories

Here at Wheel&Barrow we make throwing a party easy. Equipping your home bar with the right barware supplies not only makes your bar more authentic and practical, it also creates the right atmosphere. From birthday parties, summer BBQ’s, tiki cocktails to wedding celebrations, we have the right barware items and accessories for you to create the best social event of the year.

Make sure you stay up to date with the latest bar trends from around the world.  We can help you with the right glass for your favourite drink. We have everything available online, and if you are overwhelmed, please come in to one of our stores to view our full range and our staff will help you select the right glass for your favourite drink to suit any occasion.

Let’s Get the Party Started!

If you have a large event coming up and need a large volume of glasses, please contact us on the website and we will offer you the best price that we can possibly offer for large purchases. We also offer set pricing on all glassware.

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