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Enamelware Care

Enamelware Care

To help you enjoy and care for your new enamelware, we would like to point out some of the distinctive characteristics of enamelware.

The enamel surface is applied by hand.

  1. Minor surface irregularities and unfinished edges are a normal result of the metalworking and enamelling process.
  2. As with any kind of dinnerware, some scratching and dulling of the surface is likely over time.
    We advise:
  3. Do not scrub with abrasive materials on the enamel surfaces. Remove stains and burned-on grease with a soap-filled scouring pad or sponge.
  4. Use non-stick utensils and if using sharp-edged metal utensils with care to prevent scratching.
  5. Do not use enamelware in the microwave.
  6. Do not allow enamelware to boil dry. It may damage the surface.
  7. If enamelware should be left empty on a hot burner or in a heated oven, switch off and allow to cool slightly before adding liquid.
  8. Enamel on steel is hard and strong. But like all good ceramic materials, it will chip if handled too roughly.
  9. Use on cook top and in the oven. Dishwasher safe.

With proper care this enamelware should last for many enjoyable years to come...

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