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Wine Buckets & Coolers

Keep Your Drinks Chilled with Wheel&Barrow Wine Buckets and Coolers

Perfect for dinner parties, casual get togethers or hanging out by the pool, wine buckets or wine coolers are the perfect place to keep your drinks chilled. With a range of styles including single and double walled wine coolers, at prices to suit every budget, you can buy wine coolers online from Wheel&Barrow.

Whether you want to buy wine buckets perfect for a single bottle of chilled champagne, or buy wine cooler tubs to fit a few bottles of beer or wine for a party, Wheel&Barrow have a wine cooler for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a wine cooler?There are many drinks, such as white wine, that are recommended to be served chilled. Serving drinks at the recommended temperature will enhance the flavour and increase your enjoyment of your beverage. A wine cooler is a portable, bucket style, container – usually insulated - that can hold ice and keep your bottled drinks cooler for longer.

How do I clean a champagne tub?How to clean your Champagne tub will depend on what material it is made from. A tub made from stainless steel should be hand washed and dried immediately for the best care of your product.

What are the different types of wine coolers?Aside from materials, the biggest difference between types of wine coolers is whether they are insulated (or double walled) or not. Insulated wine coolers will keep with drinks cooler longer, as the double thickness wall provides insulation against the outside temperature.

How long does wine stay cool in a wine cooler?There are a number of factors that will affect how long your wine stays cool in a wine cooler – was the cooler refrigerated prior to use, is there ice in the cooler and not to mention the outside temperature. Suffice to say, a wine cooler will keep you wine cooler for longer than without one, in almost any condition.

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