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Picnic Basket Sets Australia

Picnic Basket Sets Australia

Create a wonderful picnic experience with Wheel&Barrow’s high-quality picnic baskets

There’s nothing quite like taking your meal outdoors when you’re surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. To host a seamless picnic, you’ll want to pack the right gear. Bringing a picnic rug, foldable picnic table and a picnic set can ensure your day will run smoothly and will be as enjoyable as possible. We stock a wide range of picnic baskets at Wheel&Barrow that are perfect for all your picnic needs.

Find the right picnic basket essentials for you at Wheel&Barrow

Wheel&Barrow has an extensive range of picnic baskets and picnic sets to select from. However simple or extravagant you might like your picnic gear to be, we have a range of items to choose from including:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put in a picnic basket?Aside from the food you want to eat at your picnic, here are a few essential items we feel should be kept in a well-stocked Picnic Basket:

  • A Corkscrew or bottle opener
  • Paper towel or serviettes
  • Salt & pepper shakers
  • Ice packs or frozen bottles of water for a cool drink once they melt
  • Picnic cutlery set

What makes the best picnic basket?Choosing a picnic basket can be difficult. We recommend thinking about how and when you will be using it. Will you be going on romantic picnics for two, or family picnics? This will determine the size you will need and how many sets of plates and cutlery. In the Australian climate, we also recommend choosing an Insulated picnic basket to keep your picnic food from spoiling in the heat.

What are the different types of picnic baskets?There are many different types of picnic baskets and cooler bags available. From easy to carry and convenient Cooler Stools, to larger picnic basket sets for 4-6 people there is a perfect picnic basket for your outdoor adventure.

What materials are used to make a picnic basket?Traditional picnic baskets are made of woven wicker, and while these timeless classics are still as popular as ever, many people are also choosing picnic cooler bags, as they are fully insulated, lightweight and compact to store.

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