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Mother's Day Gift Guide

2024 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is a great occasion to celebrate the special women in your life and show them how much they mean to you. Show Mum you really love her, by skipping the generic flowers and chocolates, and trying some of our top gift recommendations..


Throw Blanket

Help Mum dress her home with warmth and luxury with a luxe throw blanket. Choose from a variety of textures including fluffy faux fur to soft ribbed faux fur, and an array of colours to complement her home decor. Whether she prefers cosy nights by the fireplace or lazy afternoons on the sofa, a throw blanket adds both style and comfort to any space.


Ultrasonic Diffuser

Help Mum start her journey of relaxation & wellness with an ultrasonic diffuser! These stylish devices not only fill the air with soothing aromas, but also serve as elegant additions to any room. Pair the diffuser with a starter essential oil, and watch her enjoy this new way of keeping her home smelling fresh & inviting.


Cast Iron Pot

Get Mum the kitchen companion she’s been dreaming of, by gifting her a Cast Iron Pot! Perfect for slow-cooking hearty stews, braising tender meats, or baking crusty bread, a cast iron pot is a kitchen essential. As beautiful as it is functional, these pots come in a variety of stunning colours!


Drinks Trolley

Transform Mom's entertaining space with a chic drinks trolley. Whether she's hosting cocktail parties or enjoying a quiet evening with friends, a well-stocked drinks trolley adds flair and functionality to any home bar setup. Choose a design that reflects her personal style, whether it's sleek and modern or glamourous and opulent!


Coffee Table Books

Gift Mum effortless style this Mother’s Day, with a beautiful & insightful coffee table book! Choose from a range of topics, from art and photography to travel and cooking, to suit her interests and style. Not only do coffee table books serve as beautiful decor pieces, but they also provide endless inspiration and entertainment for Mum and her guests.



Give Mum's bed or lounge area a makeover with plush cushions in luxurious fabrics and eye-catching designs. With so many different colours, sizes, and textures to choose from, we are certain you will find an assortment that Mum will love!

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