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4 Creative Ways to Use Weck Jars

4 Creative Ways to Use Weck Jars

Weck jars are the epitome of both practicality and versatility! Totally so much more than just a classic preserving jar these lovable jars are favourite amongst chefs and home cooks alike with their unique shapes and endless possiblities! Come with us as we explore our top unconventional 4 ways to use your Weck jars that go beyond the traditional norms. You know how great they are at preserving and fermenting your all time favourite garnishes but have you ever thought about the classic Weck jar as an organisation must have or a trendy cocktail glass? maybe not? let these ideas spark some new found inspiration.

4 Creative Ways to Use Weck Preserving Jars

1. Fermenting and Preserving Food

Weck jars are renowned for their unmatched ability to seal and preserve food to the highest quality imaginable. Using the rubber seals and the trusty metal clips to secure your culinary masterpiece into an airtight seal these jars are beyond perfect for fermenting both fruits and vegetables! The timeless clear glass design allows you to easily keep an eye on the fermenting process ensuring that your creations turn out perfect every single time. Try your luck at some fermented classics!

2. Storing Small Bathroom Items

The Weck design is nothing but elegance partnered with practical functionality making them a non negotiable when it comes to organising your bathroom must haves. Give your cotton buds, balls, hair accessories and more a home in a stylish and organisational way. Not only does introducing Weck jars to your organisational line up eliminate clutter it also makes your space look both aesthetic and unison. Arrange a multitude of jars on your vanity space, shelves and watch you reach for the items over and over again with complete ease. 

4 Creative Ways to Use Weck Jars

3. Storing Bar Garnishes

If you enjoy hosting stellar get togethers and are looking to take your home bar setup to the next level Weck jars may just be your ticket to success. Think sliced lemons, limes or oranges and store them in their own individual jars for easy access when you're mixing up your famous cocktails. Store other cocktail favourites like cherries, maybe even olives and dried herbs! The clear design allows for the colours of your ingredients to shine through adding a bright and vibrant touch of colour to your home bar.

4. Unique Cocktail Glasses


Beyond their classical functions, Weck jars can double as a playful and unique cocktail glasses that are bound to wow your guest. With their distinctive shape and glass clarity these jars visually are the perfect choice when considering a new and fun vessel for your favourite drinks. Fill the jars with your favourite beverage, ice cubes and garnish to your liking.

Weck jars are the perfect practical addition to any kitchen or home. Including their traditional use these jars are full of opportunity in you home! Experiment and find the perfect use for you. Whether you enjoy a cocktail or two, enjoying culinary delights or have a knack for organisation there is bound to be a new way to use your beloved Weck Jars every single day!


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