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How to Style Your Dining Table for a Dinner Party

How to Style Your Dining Table for a Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a great way to catch up with friends & family over a delicious meal. However, what distinguishes a good dinner party from a great one, is all in the attention to detail. This includes curating a delicious dinner to serve to your guests, but also paying attention to the ambience you are creating with your stylistic choices.

The way you style your table sets the tone for the evening, and can easily transform a general dinner with others, to a dining experience to remember! To help you effectively style your table for your next dinner party, we have listed some key styling elements that are always found on our table settings…

Tablecloth & Runner

Before you put anything on your table, consider would a tablecloth or table runner make the table look better? Let’s face it, some of us don’t have the nicest dining tables in the world, and sometimes our table top alone doesn’t work with our stylistic vision. This is why having a tablecloth and table runner handy can allow you to transform your dining experience into whatever you want it to be!

If you are considering using a tablecloth, you first must work out what size you need to achieve your desired look. This doesn’t necessarily mean finding a table cloth that fits ‘perfectly’, but finding one that follows your brief. Consider, do you want a floor length table cloth? Do you want a more ‘throw’ rustic look? Whatever style you are trying to create, understanding what size you need in step 1.

Table runners are also a styling element that can make a big impact on a table. Perfect for layering on top of your tablecloth, or for adding a bit of texture to your bare tabletop, table runners are a versatile item for any host to have. When using a table runner on our tables, we find that it is the perfect chance to add a pop of colour to a table to contrast with the tablecloth or tabletop. Don’t be afraid to play with the length of the runner as well, as layering multiple runners can allow you to achiever your desired length.

 Tablecloth and Table Runner


Placemats aren’t just great for protecting our table from the heat and mess of enjoying a meal but can also make a statement! When choosing a placemat for your table setting, consider choosing one that has colour, texture, patterns, or other creative elements in-line with your stylistic vision. Whatever placemat your are looking at, consider how it works with your dinnerware as these two items will ne naturally layered on top of each other. Look at choosing a placemat that contrasts your dinnerware, allowing your table and food to stand out!

 Rattan Placemat


We all have our everyday dinnerware available for hosting guests, but it can be worth asking yourself – does my dinner set match my vision for my dinner party? In some ways our dinnerware can be the most important item to make a statement on a table, as it holds the main focus of the event… the food! When choosing a dinner set for your dinner party, consider how the dinnerware complements the overall colour and style of your table, as well as how easily it is to enjoy your meal with. Look at choosing dinnerware that has a pop of colour, or texture to make your guests feel extra special.

Another element of dinnerware is working out how you want to arrange it on your table. Layering and stacking your plates on top of each other can be a good way to save space but also add a sense of style to your setting. However, if you have plenty of space you may want to spread out your setting and allow for extra functionality for your guests.

 Stoneware Dinner Set

Napkins & Napkin Rings

Making your table look beautiful can be easy by using napkins as a key styling element. Firstly, we recommend using cloth napkins over paper napkins to really increase the class of your dinner party. Next, consider what colour napkin is really going to make your table shine. Will you add a big pop of colour with your napkin choice, or choose a more neutral tone? Choosing a cloth napkin with texture can create additional visual interest to your table and impress your guests.

Now that you have your napkin, how will you style them? Firstly, think about whether you will place your napkin on your plate, under your cutlery, above your plate, or other. Next, think about a creative way to present your napkin. There are so many ways to fold a napkin, and we say get a little creative with which fold you choose! Want to style your napkins effortlessly? We love using napkin rings to accessorise the table and allow our napkins to make a statement.

 Silver Diamond Napkin Ring


Remember, it is the attention to detail that can make your dinner party great and that’s why we even like to make sure our cutlery is adding to our table style. When setting your table consider whether your everyday cutlery fits well with the stunning ambience you’ve created, or maybe you should consider using a different coloured or shaped set? We often like to use even gold or black cutlery to complement a brighter or darker feel for our dinner party.

 Gold Cutlery


Now that you have all the key table setting items, think about how are you going to make your food stand out? Choosing servingware that is aesthetically pleasing and adds extra functionality to your table can make a world of difference to your guests’ experience.

Consider, what shape and size servingware will work best with your table? If you have a smaller table, consider using smaller serving dishes and work with shape to make your table look visually interesting. If you have more space, you may be able to afford to play with whatever serving dishes you like, just remember to avoid cluttering your table, and keep the functionality of your dinner party in mind.

Thinking of functionality, make sure you choose servingware that looks great but is also easily accessible. We enjoy using footed serving dishes for example, as the foot elevates the dish to be accessed easily by dinner guests and be simply transported without the potential of burning yourself or spilling the food.

Ribbed Footed Serving Bowl

Floral Arrangements

Now you have all the functional elements ready for your dinner party, it’s time to take the beauty of your table to the next level. Adding a floral arrangement, garland, or even wreath to your table can really elevate your dinner party experience. When deciding what florals to add to your table, think about how much space you have. For a smaller space, choose a vertical arrangement in a vase, and for a larger space, feel free to experiment with multiple vases, and flat garland or wreath arrangements.

 Table Floral Magnolia Arrangement

Candles & Candle Holders

Finally, setting the mood is one of the most important parts of a successful dinner party. An easy way to increase the mood and ambience is by adding some candles and aromatherapy to your table. Try scattering some lit candles across your table and watch how they bring magic to your dinner party. Play with different shapes and sizes of pillar candles, and even consider using stylish candle holders to accessorise your dining experience. When choosing your candles, pick an aroma that will bring a calm and welcoming energy to your space.

 Candle Table Decor

 Keeping all of these styling elements in mind for your next dinner party, is guaranteed to ensure you create the perfect impressive space for your guests. Just remember to stay true to your style and choose items that reflect your personality and your cooking!

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