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Table Placemats for your Dinning Table

The Most Stylish Round Placemats (and How to Use Them)

There was a time when every Australian family had placemats beneath their plates at the dinner table. While those times may have past, it does not mean there isn’t place for a charming placemat at the modern table. 

The trick in making sure your placements don’t look out of date, is all in the styling. To find a stylish way to set your table that will work for everyday meals and festive feasts you must first research styling trends, and materials. But since you’re here, the Wheel&Barrow style team have done all that work for you…

Table Placemat

Round is Always in Fashion

While square or rectangular placemats can come and go in fashion with the changing seasons and fads, round placemats never seem out of style. These circular styles suit any table shape, plates of every size, and the place settings most commonly used by everyday Australians. 

Here are some of the most popular materials for round placemats and tips for styling them beautifully. 

Round Placemat


Jute has become incredibly popular. Many people love its natural look, carefree casualness, and simple styling. It works well for applications like placemats since it holds up well to regular use and adds a gorgeous natural touch to your table. 

Think jute is just for outdoor or country chic styles? Think again! It can be dressed up or down and works perfectly for almost any event. Pair it with plaid for a simple and sweet style, or with pearlescent and gold accents for something truly special.

Jute Placemat


Like jute, rattan table accessories are a great way to add a natural touch to any setting. This woven material is usually hand-made and offers a lovely primitive element to styles of all kinds. And can make any table look like the picnic spread of your dreams. 

There are several washes to choose from when shopping for rattan accessories for your table. Look for darker washes or more natural finishes when you want something with a more standard wood look. Choose white wash for a more upscale style or to match various colours and patterns. 

Cotton or Linen

Round placemats made from beautifully woven fabric can create soft and aesthetically pleasing space. These placemats are a perfect addition to everything from upscale indoor dining to family-friendly picnic tables. Their weight is light, but the sturdiness they bring to the table is not.  

Fringes are a pretty way to add boldness to an understated placemat. Look for a solid colour to show detailed weaving and bring together décor for any meal or event. 

Mirrored Table Placemat


Nothing shows off beautiful lighting, tableware, and glasses like a mirror placemat. This style is especially beautiful in round placemats since the rounded shape adds to the reflective nature and combines the table setting beautifully. 

Pair these flashy placemats with a few bold pops of colour. Or, use them to highlight the exterior colour and pattern of bowls, large plates, and more. This way, your guests can enjoy every facet of the place setting – and you can dress up your table for whatever eventful meal you might be serving.

Wood and Faux Wood Placemat

Wood and Faux Wood

Wood and wood-look are popular choices for placemats for a variety of reasons. First, they can be matched well with nearly any decorating scheme. Whether you are setting a formal table or looking for something to bring together your everyday setting, you will love browsing the various shades of wood-like materials in-stores today. 

Sometimes, the look you want is not the texture or level of upkeep you desire. When that is the case, consider a faux wood grain or a shade of brown printed on versatile, affordable PVC or other materials. 

PVC Placemat


As mentioned previously, there is little that cannot be done with PVC placemats. Versatile, easy to clean, and affordable, these plastic placemats can elevate a space without elevating the cost.  

Choose PVC for families with messy eaters or large groups where spills are more likely. Use bright, whimsically-patterned PVC to hide scuffs and stains on a table, or use solid or wood-coloured mats to bring together a more elegant dinner spread. Regardless of what you choose, PVC is a perfect addition to almost any table at a fraction of the cost of some other options.  

Visit Wheel and Barrow for more ideas and a range of beautiful round placemats to incorporate into your dinner décor. You’ll find excellent options for every style and budget – and new ideas for bringing some beauty into every space of your home!

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