Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea

Tea and coffee are unarguably the most popular beverages on the planet and enjoyed by millions of people every single day. Some of us are known to be addicted to the aromatic nurturing and therapeutic brews and sip varieties of tea and coffee all day, every day.

Wheel&Barrow offer a wide range of premium coffee and tea accessories that bring that Barista made fresh coffee experience right into your home. From travel mugs to teapots to espresso makers, and plungers we stock a large range of accessories that will have you celebrating delicious coffee and tea in the privacy of your own home.

Here at Wheel&Barrow we take our coffee and tea extremely seriously, and as a result only offer our customers, accessories and gadgets that we would use in our own homes. When you buy Wheel&Barrow products you are not only guaranteed high quality and durable products but product ranges that have been personally tried and tested by our team!

Tea Drinking Accessories 

There are literally thousands of tea varieties throughout the world and each tea is served according to taste and tradition. From Japanese green tea to the subtle mellow black teas of Darjeeling, and delicious sweet aromatic chai, everyone has their favourite brew. Regardless of the tea served, it must be served with tradition and with time to reflect and enjoy and with our range of accessories and products we make that easy for you to do.  

Buying online is easy with a speedy delivery. Enjoy our latest tea and coffee collections in the comfort of your own home. All you need is your favourite cake or cookie and a good friend to share the experience with

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