Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

Wheel&Barrow offer a large range of wine glasses for absolutely any occasion. For Birthdays, weddings, prize giving ceremonies and more, we’ve got you covered! Most of our wine glasses are available to buy as a single unit or as part of a set, please see below for additional details. What type of wine glass you need really depends on what type of wine you are drinking or offering to your guests but rest assured we can supply you with whichever type you need. From red wine glasses to crystal wine glasses we really do have glasses for any conceivable event or gathering. If you take a look at the featured glasses below, you will see we have labelled each glass with the corresponding wine it is most suitable for, for more information, please drop us a message.

Buying the Right Amount

If you are organising a bigger event than a family gathering, you will probably need more glasses than you think. There are few things worse than organising an event or large gathering and running out of suitable glasses, no one wants to drink wine from a water glass! We’d advise you to buy an equal number of white wine glasses and red wine glasses, you might think you know what the most popular wine is with your guests but it’s best to be on the safe side. The buying team at Wheel&Barrow always strive to source the best wine glasses we can find in Australia in order to give you the quality products that you demand and deserve. 

Buying Wine Glasses Online

If you have identified the appropriate wine glasses needed for your gathering or event, please buy safely and securely from our online shop. If the event you are hosting is a regular event, why not save time and effort by buying selection of different wine glasses? We also offer stemless wine glasses which are designed to enhance the flavour of the wine if you are a connoisseur. Size also matters, many people prefer a large wine glass, particularly for red wine, so bear this in mind when you place your order. Wheel&Barrow offer free delivery on all orders over $69. If you have any questions about our wine glasses or need help with your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team via the contact us page.

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