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Tea Towels

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Tea Towels

We use tea towels in the kitchen every single day, and most of the time we don’t give them a second thought, we take them for granted. Guaranteed to have a pile in a drawer or cupboard in the kitchen or linen press, often in various states of disrepair. We use and abuse them, scrunch them, tear them and lose them.
Probably the most neglected items in every household, yet so versatile and essential. 

A stack of clean towels can do so much more than simply dry dishes. We take great pride in our stylish absorbent and fashionable cotton tea towels here at Wheel and Barrow.

Consistency in Quality

At Wheel&Barrow we also pride ourselves on consistency. Whilst we embrace new trends and are continually on the search for new suppliers, we have found that when it comes to tea towels, consistency is the key. We have had the same tea towel supplier since the business started almost 25 years ago, and most of our customers are repeat customers as they know just how good they are.


The obvious use for a tea towel is to dry glasses, dishes, pots and pans. It is far more dynamic than that.

There is no better way than to serve your freshly baked scones, cookies, damper, breads and pastries than wrapped up in a fresh clean tea towel. This not only stops the baked goods from sweating, it also keeps them from drying out, and keeps them warm.

Take them on a picnic and use them to serve on, to wrap and keep food warm, and you also have them to wipe your hands and containers afterwards.

Use them to line your fridge drawers, or on the base and top of washed herbs and salad leaves, this keeps them fresher for longer.

Line your shopping basket when you go to the market, or out to your garden when you pick your own fruit and veg.

Use them as a placemat or even a napkin. 

They are ideal for using as drawer liners or placing under pots and pans to protect kitchen cupboards and drawers from marking and scratching.

A little chefs tip…. use a damp tea towel under a chopping board to stop it from slipping, and it also catches any water or juices that spill over the board.

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