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Fresh Nachos

Fresh Nachos

Serves 4-8

200g corn chips

40-50g tasty cheddar, grated

30g Feta

40g olives, sliced 

½ punnet cherry tomatoes, sliced in half 

100g cooked chickpeas

100g cooked black beans

1 green chilli, sliced 

½ red onion (pickled in vinegar and seasoned with salt and pepper)

1 small cucumber, grated (salted and squeeze out excess moisture)

200g yoghurt, drained

1 garlic clove, crushed

salt and pepper

1 lime juice and zest

½ tsp sumac (optional)

 1 spring onion, sliced

¼ bunch coriander, chopped

On a large platter (oven proof) arrange a pile of corn chips and sprinkle with cheddar cheese and place in a warm oven (140C) and turn off the heat. Combine the yoghurt, grated cucumber, garlic, lime juice and lime zest and season with salt. Set aside.

Remove the corn chips from the oven and sprinkle over the beans, chickpeas, green chilli, tomatoes, spring onion, feta and olives. Spoon over the garlic yoghurt and sprinkle with sumac if using, coriander and garnish with pickled with red onion. Serve with a margarita or cold beer and make sure you have napkins!

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