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5 Tips to Style Your Bar Cart

5 Tips to Style Your Bar Cart

Often viewed as an item of luxury, bar carts have recently made a resurgence since the height of their popularity in the mid-1950’s. The perfect addition to home entertaining, a beautifully styled bar cart will bring a touch of glamour and nostalgia to your home.

Whether it is going to be always on show (why wouldn’t it be??) or tucked in a corner to be pulled out for special occasions, there is no doubting that bar cart adds a certain appeal to a room, while also being functional and more than just a bit of fun. 

Usually on wheels, bar trolleys and carts come in a range of sizes, colours and styles. It is important to consider the space you will be putting your cart in when choosing a style – too big and your room will look cluttered and too small and you will not be able to fit all your favourite drinks. Once you have selected your bar cart, here are a few tips to help you create a style that will leave your guests wowed: 

Throw in a few elements for visual appeal: Understandably, a bar cart is supposed to house your favourite bottles and glasses. However, adding a few seemingly random, but aesthetically pleasing features does add to its visual appeal. Simple research can make you realise how even the smallest of things can make your bar cart look better than before. For instance, add artificial plants (potted or unpotted, your choice), a mini bowl containing citrus fruits, and dry snacks to add to the crunch. Can you visualise the difference? Your bar cart carrying bottles has now started to look more than that. 

    Bar Cart

    Understand the importance of contrast: Ensure that your bar cart does not look monotonous. If you have a black bar cart, try adding elements that contrast it. For example, you can add white bowls and decorative items for contrast or add a splash of decadence with a gold cocktail shaker

    Black Bar Cart

     Upgrade your regular glassware: Elegant glassware is synonymous with a stylish bar, so if you want to ramp up the style factor to your bar cart, do not use standard glassware. Whether you love a martini or a mojito, Wheel&Barrow’s wide range of cocktail glasses includes styles for every cocktail on your drinks menu. 

    Cocktail Glasses

    Read Up: While the best cocktail makers know their recipes by heart, we at home might need a little help. Before you invite your friends around to show off your newly styles bar cart and cocktail making skills, read up so you can wow them with a few recipes that you can whip up off the top of your head.

    Cocktail Kit

    Make sure your drinks are the centre of attraction: You have to ensure that your bar cart's primary purpose is fulfilled. Do not overdo and, at the same time, do not leave the bar cart untouched. Aim for a balance of decorative items, accessories, bottles, and glassware. Adding many accessories or presenting only one bottle will be sure to leave the wrong impression on your guests. 

    Bar Trolley

     Now that you know how to style your bar cart, give these ideas a try – then all that remains is to send out the invites to your next cocktail party!


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