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Wine Cooler

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Wine Cooler or Wine Bucket

Anyone who enjoys drinking white or sparkling wine will understand the importance of keeping it chilled and ready to drink. There’s nothing worse than pouring yourself a glass of crisp Riesling, only to realise that it’s the same temperature as your room! To ensure your wine, beers and other beverages remain chilled and maintain the integrity of their flavours at a social event, consider keeping them in a wine cooler or wine bucket.

Why A Wine Cooler?

If you’re bringing a bottle (or two!) of wine to a party or a picnic, consider bringing it in a wine cooler bucket. This will ensure that your wine will arrive chilled and ready to drink. You also don’t know if they’ll be room in your host’s fridge or esky, so it’s best to be prepared! Wine coolers and wine buckets are a must have for wine lovers; here are a few reasons why they’re a must-have for parties:

Wine Cooler 1

Convenience And Effectiveness

A wine cooler makes carrying your wine and keeping it cool easy. It’s also a great way to keep your bottles close by when you’re out and about. Larger wine buckets can declutter your dinner table by holding many bottles in one place, leaving the table looking neat and tidy.


Wine coolers will control a bottle’s humidity and temperature, preserving the wine's quality and making it much more delicious to drink!


Wine coolers are aesthetically appealing and can improve the appearance of your kitchen and entertaining space. A dazzling stainless steel wine cooler can be placed in a central location to make a statement, and to also let your guests know where to top-up their glass!

The Different Types of Wine Coolers

We stock a range of wine coolers at Wheel&Barrow. Whether you’d like wine cooler for a single bottle or for many, you’ll find what you need at Wheel&Barrow.

Wine Cooler 3

Stainless Steel Wine Coolers for Single Bottles

Stainless steel wine coolers from Wheel&Barrow are double walled to stop condensation trickling down the sides, and to avoid mess on table surfaces and picnic blankets. Our high-quality wine coolers are the perfect size to chill a singular bottle of wine; perfect for a picnic date, or to take along to a BBQ.  The stainless steel ensures the body remains immaculate and striking wherever you may choose to take it.

For preserving the stainless-steel body of these wine coolers, make sure you wash the wine cooler by hand, and be gentle while scrubbing.

Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Champagne Tubs and Buckets

Wine buckets, also known as Champagne tubs, are perfect for chilling multiple bottles of wine simultaneously. Champagne tubs from Wheel&Barrow are double walled for insulation purposes, to ensure your beverages remain chilled for as long as possible.

Wine buckets are the perfect party companion for large social gatherings. Ideal for picnics, dinner parties and BBQs, they protect the ice from external heat, and keep the contents cooler for longer. Timeless and stylish in appearance and unbelievably practical, consider a Champagne tub or wine cooler from Wheel&Barrow for your next party.

Wine Cooler 2

Hammered Wine Coolers

Looking for a wine cooler that’s more elevated than plain stainless steel? Consider a hammered wine cooler to add an element of opulence to your next social occasion. Hammered wine coolers are textured and can look more stylish than a regular wine cooler. Available in an array of sizes designed for single bottles or multiple bottles, consider a hammered wine cooler from Wheel&Barrow.  

Hammered Wine Cooler

Acrylic Wine Coolers

Acrylic wine coolers are fantastic if you’re looking for a lightweight and inexpensive wine cooler to keep your beverages cold. Made from thick acrylic, these wine coolers also have insulation properties to keep your drinks chilled. Simply add ice to get the party started! What’s more, acrylic wine coolers from Wheel&Barrow are durable, and stain and odour resistant.

Wine cooler buckets can replicate the functionality of refrigerated wine coolers for social events. They keep your wines and other beverages fresh and chilled whilst naturally saving energy.

Ultimately, the wine cooler you settle on is determined by your needs, drinking habits, and preferences. Before you buy, consider how many times you’ll actually be using your cooler, and for how many people. It’s best to have one small and one large wine cooler bucket at home, so you don't find yourself in a position when the need arises for both.

Shop our range of wine coolers and wine buckets at Wheel&Barrow to ensure you never serve luke-warm wine again!

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