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Cocktail Glasses

How to Choose the Correct Glassware for Your Drinks

There are various styles of glassware available for different kinds of beverages. Choosing the right type of glass can be easily overlooked, and people tend to buy glasses mostly on their aesthetic appeal. However, it is essential to choose the correct glasses to preserve the essence and integrity of your drink’s contents.

If you’re concocting a cocktail like a Bloody Mary or a Gimlet, selecting the wrong glassware for that drink might minimise certain wonderful aromas, essentially taking out the essence of your cocktail. You could be holding a drink right now, but it might not be at the ideal temperature for that beverage, essentially robbing you of the complete experience.

Do not fret over the fact you may been unwittingly drinking out of the wrong vessel all this time; it happens to the best of us. Read on to learn the science behind selecting the most appropriate glass for enjoying your drinks (without enrolling in a mixology degree!)

Wine glasses


It can feel a little overwhelming seeing how many varieties of wine are available. Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir… the list goes on! Different blends and styles call for the right type of wine glasses; to allow the best flavours of your vino to make themselves known. Here are some well-known wines and their best style of glassware to make the most of your wine. Doctors recommend consuming a glass of wine a day, after all!


There are different styles of wine glasses to suit the various wine blends. A lighter style of red wine, such as a Pinot Noir or a fragrant white wine like a Chardonnay or Chablis should be paired with a Burgundy glass. This style of wine glass has a large mouth, a round bowl, and a long stem. The round bowl is used to swirl the drink and let it come in contact with the air. Moreover, the long stem keeps the hand away from the glass, stopping it from getting too warm. 

Red Wine Glass

Red Wine

Heavier red wines, such as a shiraz or a cabernet sauvignon call for a Red Wine Glass. This style of glassware is larger, allowing the wine to aerate but has a smaller opening at the top, to allow for spicier flavours to be softened.

White Wine

Unlike red wine, white wine does not need to be served out of glass with a large mouth since it oxidises much faster. Therefore, White Wine Glassware should have a smaller mouth and surface area so that the wine does not come in contact with the air. This style of wine glass will also allow white wine to remain cooler for longer.


Unlike red and white wine, Champagne and sparkling wine need surface area to preserve the bubbles. Therefore, the ideal glassware for these drinks comes in the shape of flute glasses, with small mouths and tall, thin bowls.  Flute glasses also prevent Champagne and sparkling wine from fizzling out; essential to preserving their integrity (and yours!) over dinner parties and the likes.

Flute glass

Alternatively, a Coupe Glass is a style of Champagne glass with a shallow bowl that can also be used for sparkling wine. Whilst these glasses look fantastic and elegant, they are not the most practical for consuming champagne. However, these beautiful glasses can still be utilised for cocktails, and make the perfect vessel to serve a Manhattan in!

Champagne Glasses


Listed below are different ways to choose glassware for different types of cocktails:

Traditional Cocktails

Classic cocktails require large-mouthed inverted cone bowl glassware. An open mouth allows the person drinking the cocktail to come in contact with the various scents and notes the drink gradually releases. 

Cocktail Glasses

Carbonated Cocktails

Carbonated cocktails usually require glasses with a wide shape. Therefore, HiBall glasses are the most appropriate type of glassware for iced or carbonated cocktails.

It is essentially a glass tumbler with a short and wide structure which is also a suitable glass for mixing drinks.

Iced Cocktails

Large, tumbler type glasses, such as HiBall glasses are best suited for cocktails or beverages filled with ice. These glasses are generally longer and large-mouthed. For serving liquor neat, we suggest LowBall glassware.

Glasses for Cocktails


The term cocktail glass is used interchangeably with a Martini Glass, despite their slight differences. Martini Glasses are usually long-stemmed glasses with a larger bowl and a conical stand, allowing for large servings that retain the essence of the iconic drink.

 Martinin Glass


Margaritas can be served in either a Margarita Glass (go figure) or a Rocks Glass. The iconic Margarita Glass features a large, round bowl with a broad rim. The wide bowl allows an ample amount of salt or sugar to coat the rim. A Rocks Glass is much sturdier and can sometimes be easier to salt the rim of the glass as it doesn’t spill anywhere.

Margarita Glass


Beer comes in thousands of different versions around the world and some of them certainly require different types of glasses to make them more enjoyable. Here’s how you can choose the right beer glass according to the style of beer you are drinking.

Traditional Beer

Pint Glasses are the most well known of all beer glassware. With a large mouth and their cylindrical shape, these glasses can hold a large amount of beer with ample surface to grasp.  

Beer Glass

Heavy Beers

Heavy beers like Belgium Ale require a heavier stem and thicker glass than the usual pint glass. Therefore, Chalices or Pilsner Glasses are the appropriate type of glassware for these drinks. 

Wheat Beers

Wheat beers require glasses that will retain their aroma. The Weizen or Pilsner Beer glasses have a thin and tall structure with a large head to help maintain the foam and the scent of wheat beer.  

Fizzy Beer

Fizzy beers such as pale ales require glassware that preserves their aroma and fizz. Tulip glasses, or a Pilsner Glass with a round stem and an elongated mouth help capture the essence of these drinks. 

Beer Glasses

Brandy and Whisky

When drinking brandy or whisky, you want the quality of your spirit to be reflected in its taste. Certain styles of glassware can help to bring out the best flavours and aromas of your drink.

Glencairn Whisky Glass

Drinking out of a Glencairn Whisky Glass will allow you to fully appreciate your whisky. The wide crystal body and tapering mouth of this glass allows you to focus on the colour, aroma and taste of the Whisky.

Balloon Shaped Glassware 

You can also pour brandy or whisky into large-mouthed glasses to swirl and aerate it. Using Balloon Shaped Glassware with large spherical bowls allows for terrific aeration that will enhance the taste of Brandy and Whisky served in it.

Furthermore, you can also use balloon glasses to serve Gin.

Brandy & Whiskey Glasses

Glencairn Whisky Glass

Wrapping Up

These are the ways you can determine the most appropriate glassware for your drinks. Now that you know how to choose the most suitable glasses for your drinks, enjoy your drinks to the fullest while retaining their original essence.

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