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How To Choose The Right Dinnerware Set For Your Dining Table

How To Choose The Right Dinnerware Set For Your Dining Table

As the main feature of your dining table your dinnerware set can help set the tone of your dinner table, show your persona and showcase the meal you are serving. 

With this in mind it is important to choose the right dinner set to fit your personality, home décor style and most importantly the functionality you wish to use it for – lets your purchase sit in the cupboard collecting dust. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the right dinnerware set for your dining table.

Types of dinnerware materials

Dinnerware sets come in various type of material. Bone China, Earthenware, Porcelain, Melamine, and Stoneware are the most popular materials. When choosing the best material you should consider the benefits of each material, as well as your own personal preferences of the individual look of each type. 

Bone China

The most common material for dinnerware, bone china is lightweight, classy, and incredibly strong. These thin dinnerware sets come in appealing designs and also have a high degree of heat resistance. Due to its resistance to chips, bone china is a sturdy, portable, and stylish solution for regular and special occasion dinnerware.

Bone China


If ceramic or porcelain is not for you, you can always try melamine. Not only does melamine look similar to ceramic and porcelain, but on top of this, it is also shatter proof and smash resistant – perfect for families with children and outdoor entertaining. Easy to clean, melamine is usually dishwasher safe, but is not suitable for putting in the oven or microwave. 


More common for outdoor entertaining or picnicware, bamboo is incredibly lightweight and eco-friendly. Safe to use in dishwashers, bamboo material is easy to clean and does not require high maintenance.



Porcelain dinner sets must be handled with extreme care because they are very fragile and delicate and can easily break if subjected to pressure. Although it can withstand high temperatures, it is recommended not to use it inside a microwave oven because the temperatures inside it might make cause it to crack. Being porous in nature, porcelain should be cleaned straight after use to avoid staining. Owing to its delicate nature, porcelain cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.



Earthenware exudes a sense of worth, durability, and informal charm. Stemming from the oldest of crockery materials, it also gives your dinnerware a substantial weight. While sturdy and durable, it is important to avoid sudden changes in temperature, which could cause cracking. 


Colour and style

The colour and style of your dinner set says a lot about your own style and personality. A lover of simplicity might select a pre-packaged dinnerware set, while someone with an outgoing personality and a flair for style might mix and match from a collection of separates. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that certain colours and styles can date quicky as fashions change – if you are choose a dinner set based on the current fashion and colours, you may need upgrade more frequently.   

Blue Colour Plates

Selecting the right dinnerware set

Once you have an idea of the material, colour and style of your dinnerware set, there are also a few other considerations before you rush out and make a purchase:

Number of place settings

Consider the size of your family, as well as extended family and guests (if you are going to be using the setting for entertaining). Most packaged dinner sets come in settings for 4 people, so you may need to budget for more that one pack. Most experts recommend having 8-12 five-piece settings to cater for parties of up to 12 people.


Are you looking for a dinner set for everyday meals or for formal dinner parties? Many homes will have an everyday setting, which is sturdier and easy to wash, reheat and care for, while also keeping a more decorative and often less durable set for more formal occasions and entertaining. 

Storage space

If you are considering a larger set or even multiple sets for different occasions, you will also need to consider if you have enough storage space. If the only extra storage space you have is in an attic or garage, you may want to think about whether a dinner set being stored in these locations will get the use it deserves.

Care: If, like many, you are just not in to hand washing dishes, then this choosing the right material for your dinner set becomes essential. Avoid delicate materials like porcelain and earthenware and tend towards hardier and more durable materials such as bone china or melamine.

Once you have selected your dinnerware set, then you can have some fun decorating your table to reflect your mood and personality. You may also wish to consider complementing your dinner set with new cutlery, or placements.

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