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Cocktail shakers for your home bar

How to Find Best Cocktail Shaker Sets to Complete Your Home Bar

Making and mixing drinks involves more than adding layers of liquor until the cocktail tastes delicious. If you want to wow your guests with delicious cocktails every time, you will need to improve your skills. Practice makes perfect, and one thing that can help you perfect your skills is a cocktail shaker. Not only does it mix the drinks perfectly, but you can make several cocktails at the same time. And, with several shaker sets, you can spend less time mixing and more time enjoying your favourite drinks with friends.

Here are some ideas to help you find the best cocktail shaker sets to complete your home bar.

Cocktail Shaker

Plan Your Cocktail Menu

If you are planning to make more than one type of cocktail, or have a big guest list, having more than one cocktail shaker allows you to create more drinks. You'll need to have your shakers ready for whenever you and your guests want another round of delicious drinks. Knowing how many guests you will be serving, and how many cocktails will be on your menu, makes it easier to choose which cocktail shaker sets should be on your shopping list.

Golden Cocktail Shaker

Know Your Options

Now you know your menu, find out what style of shaker will suit your needs. Are you shopping for a classic two-piece Boston shaker? This style is the most common, however, they are a little tricky to use since you must ensure a tight seal between the tins. If you're not careful enough, some of the liquid might spill through the gap. If you are just starting out, you may want to opt for a cobbler shaker instead. Cobbler shakers have three parts: the cap, metal lid, and metal shaking tin. They seal properly, so less chance of spillage. Finally, there is the French shaker, which is the more popular style these days. It looks more like the cobbler shaker but has two parts like the Boston. A Parisian shaker will add style and charm to your mixology sessions.

Cocktail Shaker Set

Choose Your Style

Cocktail shakers are available in so many colours and designs. From practical clear acrylic shakers, that come with measurements on the side, to stainless steel, gold or copper shakers sets. You can choose a colour and style that suits both your mixing prowess and your bar style. Investing in proper mixing tools will also help you succeed in drawing out the amazing flavours in your cocktails. 

Think About Your Usage

How often will you use your shakers? If you will be mixing and creating cocktails for a one off party, think about shakers that are cheaper and easier to use and clean. Some shakers, like an acrylic shaker are more suitable for beginners, so you'll want to check those options. If cocktail making is your new hobby, or you will be hosting regular cocktail parties, you should look at investing in shakers that not only look great but will help to develop your mixology skills.

Cocktail Glasses

Don’t Forget To Pair With The Right Snacks

Pair your cocktails with snacks, meals, or dishes that will complement the tastes and theme of your party. Find out which food items work with them, so when you serve those cocktails, your friends and family can also enjoy them with their meals.

 Black Cocktail Shaker Set

Maintain Your Shaker

Always clean your cocktail shakers thoroughly after every use. You don't have to wash every part by hand, though. Many shakers are dishwasher safe, so you can focus on creating and mixing drinks without stressing about the clean-up.

You can put many of the shakers you'll find in the dishwasher. However, some types—like cobbler shakers—have a built-in strainer, which should be cleaned it by hand.

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