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Dinnerware Sets

The Advantages of Owning a Quality Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware is more than mere crockery; it is the pièce de résistance of every dinner table. High quality dinnerware can transform your dining experience and add a sense of opulence to any occasion. Your dinnerware can express your taste, add character and set the mood; dinnerware can be a showstopper for every dinner party.

A memorable dinnerware set is bound to be noticed and will leave a long-lasting impression on your guests. The key to choosing the right set is understanding the different types available so you pick what best suits your needs. 

Quality dinnerware comes first.

Whether it’s a casual or formal setting, quality dinnerware will take things to the next level. Here are a few reasons why you should have a quality dinnerware set on hand. 

  1. Sets the right mood

When trying to set the mood for your meal, the presentation of the meal is what matters most. We eat with our eyes before taking the first bite, and this is why high-end restaurants and food critics care about the visual aspects when plating their meals. With the proper dinnerware set, you can complement the food you are serving, which in turn can enhance your dining experience.

Dinnerware Set 1

  1. Makes a great first impression

We can pretend to deny it, but first impressions matter. When inviting guests over for a dinner party, their first impression will be the general ambience of your space. Beautiful dinnerware can elevate not only the food you are serving, but also your dining table and dining room. Complement your house décor with a beautiful dinnerware set from Wheel&Barrow. We stock a wide range of dinnerware sets in various colours, textures, and materials.

Dinnerware Set 2

  1. Allows you to show your style

A quality dinnerware set is a great way to incorporate your style while enhancing your meal. Dinnerware sets from Wheel&Barrow are available in various designs from formal to casual, and everything in between. You can choose between hand-painted pieces, patterned, or solid-coloured pieces for your dining table.  

A set made of bone china, stoneware, or porcelain is ideal if you are looking for more formal dinnerware. Try pairing these materials with another dinnerware set that has a nice border or rim detail, to add some contrast and an extra pop of colour. Earthenware and melamine are great for everyday use, especially with youngsters and when dining outdoors, due to their sturdier nature. Choosing these materials can also allow you to play with different designs, colours, and patterns. 

Dinnerware Set 3

  1. Functional

Another significant advantage of owning quality dinnerware is you are assured of its functionality. When plating up a meal, you’ll have better control over the portions of food you’re serving as each piece will be identical in size and shape.

If you opt for a more durable material for your dinnerware set, you may choose to use them every day, instead of just for special occasions. If made of materials such as melamine, you can be assured that your tableware will last with heavy use, and will be microwave and dishwasher-safe.

  1. Cost-effective

Last but certainly not least, purchasing quality dinnerware sets will prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. With quality tableware, you don’t have to compromise on durability as many dinnerware materials are made to be strong and resistant to wear and tear. Some dinnerware materials are even chip and break resistant, so you won’t need to change your plates as often. 

Dinnerware Set 4

Picking the right dinnerware for your needs.

Selecting the right dinnerware set is about finding a balance between how you need to practically use it, and what qualities the set needs for entertaining. The perfect set will showcase your table, be practical for your household, and match your kitchen and cooking style. Here are a few pointers on what to consider when selecting a dinner set.

The configuration

The first thing to ask yourself is what size dinner set do you need? How many people will you be entertaining? Wheel&Barrow’s dinnerware range is offered in a variety of sizes and has flexibility for you to purchase a 12-piece set, or individual dinnerware pieces. If opting for the latter, you can choose exactly how many plates and bowls you’ll need. You may even want to mix and match your pieces to add some character to your dining table. We also stock a range of mugs that match our dinnerware range, allowing you to add continuity to your dinnerware set.

Dinnerware Set 4

Shape and style

After figuring out what size dinner set you want, the next step is selecting something that matches your personal taste. Dinnerware sets come in a variety of designs, from elaborate pieces to classic designs. You can also select the shape you want, from the classic circular plates to square, oblong or oval plates. You can even stand-out and go for an edgier look, by picking a set that has a some textural elements.

Dinnerware Set 5


Lastly, decide what tone you want your set to have. Are you going for a formal look or something more casual? If you select a formal theme, go for solid colours and classic plate shapes. A white bone china set can work well here. However, if you want something more casual, you can experiment with different colours, designs and shapes. 

No matter what tone you want, be flexible in your choices. A contemporary approach to formal dinnerware could be a real hit with your family and guests!

Dinnertime has always been a meaningful ritual; particularly when celebrating holidays and other traditional occasions. It creates an opportunity to bring family and friends together in one place, making the dining experience an occasion we value greatly. Quality dinnerware can help to enhance your dining experience, and set the right mood by complementing both the food and theme of your dinner. For more information on our dinnerware range, browse our website or contact the team our Wheel&Barrow team. 

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