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The Different Beer Glasses Explained!

The Different Beer Glasses Explained!

It's no surprise that the world of beer glasses is expanding rapidly, and it can be a tad overwhelming. But have you ever pondered the reasons behind this diverse array? We've dissected each of the top-notch beer glasses, unveiling their true ins and outs. Arm yourself with this knowledge and be ready to impress your friends at your next chill session with a cold one!

Pint Glasses

If you're on the hunt for the ultimate beer glass, look no further than the traditional Pint - it's the real MVP of beer-drinking experiences! A familiar face amongst all beer drinkers these timeless glasses are nothing short of nostalgic!

Imperial Pints

A cherished Australian classic, the Imperial Pint, also recognised as the Nonic Pint, offers an ample and satisfying pour for your preferred brew. Its cylindrical design features a subtle bulge, contributing not only to the creation of a delightful frothy head but also assisting those who may be a bit less coordinated in keeping their beer safely within the confines of the glass. With a capacity of up to 590ml, the Imperial Pint has earned its popularity among many Australians. Given the generous size of these exceptional glasses, we suggest pairing them with a mid-strength beer, such as the beloved pale ale, for an optimal drinking experience.

Shaker Pints

Ah, the Shaker Pint—a familiar name, right? Known by many as the American Pint, this specific glass is considered a close relative of the imperial pint, perhaps just not as fancy or established!  Sporting tapered sides and a more petite profile, this glass might not be as mainstream in Australia, but chances are you've crossed paths with a few. Originally designed for shaking up cocktails, these minimalist wonders have found their way into the beverage scene. Given their smaller size, the shaker pint glass is a bit of a rarity, but it pairs exceptionally well with traditional lagers and ciders! It's like a nod to the past with a contemporary twist in every sip.

Tulip Pint

Elevating beer to a refined presentation, the Tulip pint glass brings a touch of elegance to your drinking experience! This sleek and lofty glass frequently graces the tables of craft breweries and establishments that view beer not merely as a drink, but as an art form. Sized to perfection for the ideal pint, the tulip glass seamlessly blends form and function. We suggest indulging in the charm of this beloved glass by pairing it with rich, dark ales such as Guinness or a hearty stout lager. It's not just a glass; it's an invitation to savour the nuanced Flavours of your favourite brew.


The Tulip Glass

Crafted with beer enthusiasts in mind, these bowl-shaped glasses are your gateway to the ultimate sipping experience. Meticulously engineered for the perfect pour, their tall, widening bowl design ensures ample space to create that ideal frothy head for your beer. What sets them apart is the tapered back diameter, smaller than your typical pint glass, which not only preserves but also directs the aroma right to your nose, enhancing the sipping experience for those beer connoisseurs we all hold dear.

Belgian Glass

Meet the European standard in glassware—this bottom-heavy gem, complete with the perfect stem to minimise hand-to-glass contact, is crafted for one primary purpose: keeping your pour as refreshingly cool as possible! The Belgian glass boasts a narrow mid-section and a wide lip, ensuring the preservation of a luscious and creamy layer of foam. Now, you might be wondering, what's the unique shape all about? Well, it's all about enhancing the aromas and flavours that we know you adore! So, let's elevate your beer experience by recommending a brew that's equally a delight for your taste buds and nose—think Belgian ale or a velvety dark stout. Your senses are in for a treat!

Goblet or Chalice Glass

Meet the Goblet, a cherished cousin of the Belgian Glass and truly the glass fit for kings—there's no room for anything less than sheer extravagance. With a regal stature, featuring a robust stem and body, these glasses have been revered throughout history as the drinkware of royalty, and they certainly command a generous volume! The thick and sturdy glass not only supports a crown-worthy head of foam but also ensures your pour stays cold and carbonated for an extended, noble experience. Sipping from one of these glasses is nothing short of a royal affair, so it's only fitting to pair them with a brew that holds its own. Much like the Belgian glass, we recommend indulging in the rich flavours of dark ales and stouts for a truly majestic experience. Cheers to the royal treatment!

Beer Mugs

The beer mug, a true timeless icon with roots dating back to the era of the Vikings! Its sleek and thoughtful design not only exudes a classic charm but also serves a practical purpose by eliminating hand-to-glass contact, ensuring the perfect temperature sip after sip. Widely embraced across the globe, this iconic vessel is the preferred choice at Oktoberfest celebrations, among local pub royalty regulars, and beyond.


Although the craft beer movement has ushered in an era of diverse and specialised beer glasses, the classic beer mug stands resilient, seamlessly bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. Today, the Stein mugs are revered for their enduring design, injecting a dash of nostalgia into the simple yet meaningful act of raising a toast and fostering a sense of conviviality among beer enthusiasts worldwide. These glasses boast a thick and roomy size larger than your typical pour. Grab this glass by the handle and raise a toast, we recommend pairing this traditional style glass with lagers and traditional brews!


Enter the world of German beer tradition with the classic dimpled beer mug, a close cousin to the traditional stein glass. This beloved glass has earned its stripes at iconic events like the renowned Oktoberfest! Characterised by its thick, weighty, and generously sized design, the dimpled beer mug is crafted with one purpose in mind: to hold a hearty amount of beer for those who relish a substantial pour. These mugs are at their best when filled to the brim with German lager, traditional ales, or mid-strength brews. It's not just a vessel; it's a celebration of German beer culture in every sip. So, if you're one for a large glass or two of authentic brew, grab a dimpled mug, and let the good times roll! Prost!

Specialty Glass

Double Walled Pilsner Glass

Say hello to the Pilsner Glass – a contemporary twist on the timeless pint glass, tailor-made for those who appreciate a touch of uniqueness. Crafted with a double-walled design, this newcomer ensures that your favourite brew remains refreshingly cooler for longer. With its generous size and modern aesthetic, these large glasses offer the perfect blend of form and function, delivering an unparalleled sipping experience. The double-walled trend is steadily gaining momentum, asserting its innovative and futuristic approach to glassware. Embrace this trendsetting addition to elevate your glass collection and take your beer experience to new and unprecedented heights. This trendy glass is best paired with traditional ales and of course pilsner!

Wheat Beer Glass

Behold the wheat beer glass—a tall and striking spectacle in the world of beer vessels! Often referred to as the Weizenbier Glass, this unique drinking experience features a captivating design with a wider head and a narrow base, resembling an almost flute-like elegance. This specialty glass has a designated role, and it's exclusively reserved for one beer and one beer only—Wheat Beer. Sure, there are no strict rules here; you can certainly pour whatever you fancy into this glass. But, of course, we have our strong recommendation—let the wheat beer grace this distinctive glass for an experience that's not just about taste but also about savouring the aesthetics of the brew. Cheers to enjoying your favourite wheat beer in style!


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