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The Wheel&Barrow New Home Helper: Living Room Edition

The Wheel&Barrow New Home Helper: Living Room Edition

So, you’ve just turned down the route of styling your living room and you’ve come to that awkward crossroads of not knowing where to start? Well, worry not because the Wheel&Barrow New Home Helper has got your back! Say goodbye to those initial uncertainties and let us be your trusty companions in crafting the living room of your dreams. We know that creating a space you intend to spend a lot of time in can be daunting and a little bit overwhelming but strap yourself in and let us take you through the ins and outs of living room styling exploring the perfect base and cherry topper items you need to create your ideal space!


Let's kick things off with the essentials! We all know that the perfect set of cushions can either make or break the vibe of your living room. Achieving a seamless, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing space starts with selecting cushions that subtly complement the tones and colours of your surroundings. And here's a little secret: when it comes to cushions, less is most definitely more. Whether your space exudes neutral elegance, dark sophistication, or a burst of vibrant colours, the key is to curate a diverse collection of cushions, playing with textures and colours like an artistic masterpiece. Think about tassels, textures, and trims – what feels like the missing piece to your living room puzzle?

Choosing the right cushions not only enhances the visual appeal of your space but also contributes to the overall ambiance of your home. After all, when we're at home, we want to feel comfortable and relaxed, right? That's why selecting cushions that evoke that sense of comfort is a surefire way to ensure contentment in your living space for years to come.

Beyond their visual allure and welcoming invitation, cushions play a pivotal role in laying the foundation for your living area. The colours and textures you choose for your cushions set the tone for the entire room! Elevate your space by exploring our stunning array of cushions, designed to suit every style and preference.

Coffee Table Books 

Craving a simple yet transformative addition to your space? How about something that infuses your living room with a touch of modern sophistication and trendy aesthetics? Look no further – it's time to embrace the power of impactful coffee table books! These not only effortlessly elevate your décor but also add a personal touch to your space. It's like a stylish reflection of your interests, passions, and unique style.

On the journey to perfect styling? opt for coffee table books that not only resonate with your tastes but also share similar colour schemes or topic themes. Create a harmonious blend that turns your book collection into an artistic masterpiece worthy of a prize. Seek out books with complementary imagery or spine art, and voila – you'll have the book stack of your dreams, ready to spark conversations and make a stylish statement in any corner of your space!

Artificial Florals

Who doesn't adore a stunning floral arrangement that effortlessly brightens up a space? But let's face it – the constant upkeep and turnover of natural florals can turn into a challenging game in our homes. Well, fear not! We've got the perfect solution that lets you enjoy the freshness and liveliness of florals without the hassle – dive into the world of artificial florals. No green thumb required! Treat yourself to high-quality floral stems that are guaranteed to elevate your living space without the tedious maintenance.

Styling artificial stems might sound a bit intimidating, but trust us, it's a breeze! As you curate the perfect stems for your sanctuary, consider the vibe and atmosphere you're aiming for. Are you leaning towards a rustic, native feel or envisioning a more sophisticated and elegant look? Your space deserves nothing less than the best arrangement possible. Grab a quality vase, whether it's decorative or a classic glass, and let your creativity run wild.

Now, when it comes to styling, remember less is more! If you're going for a uniform look with the same stems or florals, opt for an odd number of stems to achieve that perfect balance and fullness in your vase. Want to create a mix of different florals? Start with a base, whether it's foliage or leaf-based stems, and build around the colours and tones present. Let your larger flowers steal the spotlight, complemented by smaller, subtle florals that share similar tones and textures. It's the art of floral arrangement made easy!

Ultrasonic Diffusers

On the quest for something that not only transforms your space visually but also effortlessly instills peace, calm, and serenity into your living area? Your living room is the heart of entertainment, relaxation, and, above all, living, right? It's time to introduce a product that not only looks perfect but also feels perfect – enter the era of ultrasonic diffusers. These futuristic styling gems have the power to manifest any ambiance you desire. Paired with high-quality essential oils, they infuse your space with positive vibes, creating an atmosphere that you, your family, friends, and guests will be eager to immerse themselves in.

Crafting a space that not only looks good but also feels good is paramount. Blend both aspects seamlessly by investing in an ultrasonic diffuser that effortlessly integrates into your space. Whether it finds its place atop your mantle, side table, or coffee table, this stylish item is more than just a décor piece – it's a gateway to tranquility. Customise your essential oil lineup and pave a one-way street into the upcoming serenity of your living space!

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