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Tips to style your home this winter

Tips to style your home this winter

We can all feel disheartened seeing the seasons change and knowing that cold weather is coming. What can bring comfort is knowing how cosy winter can be, and there’s nothing quite like curling up to a crackling fire with a mug of hot chocolate as the rain pours down outside.

As we say goodbye to summer’s warmth outdoors, bring the warmth indoors with interior styling. Here are a few home décor ideas to make your home the best place to spend the colder months this year.

candles for winter cosiness

 Use variations of texture, colour, and pattern

Knowing how to combine patterns, colours, and textural aspects is key to designing a comfortable and cosy living space. The secret to a successful winter living room is striking the perfect balance between pattern and colour. According to interior designer Kit Kemp, only then will each pattern be able to breathe and not struggle against its environment. Layering textures benefits by adding depth to your space. The layering of materials, colours, and shapes all add up to give your interiors an overall texture that can help to characterise the look and feel of your place.

 Set up furnishings around a fireplace

The ideal focal point of a winter living room is the fireplace. The hub beckons us with its comforting warmth and light throughout the cooler months. Family and friends will naturally gather for an evening of conversation and relaxation. According to interior designer, Monique Tollgard, a living room fireplace is more than just an architectural choice. "Adding a fire to your home and your life is a ritual." As winter approaches, reconsider your living room setup—place seats in a social configuration with the fireplace as the centre point. For added warmth and comfort, throw a layer of blankets and cushions on top of sofas and armchairs.

Consider living room lighting

A winter living room will considerably benefit from a well-executed decorative living room lighting plan. When deciding where to place lights to make the biggest impression, consider how the light varies throughout the day, advises interior decorator Nicola Harding. Consider flexible lighting options for various settings, such as a floor light with a swivel arm as a night-time reading lamp behind a sofa or chair in the living room. To create more ambience, use darker tones that will feel moodier and cosier. Keep in mind that shade colours can impact the mood of a place. Incorporating pillar candles and tealights into your space can also help to bring brightness whilst also maintaining a cosy feel.

Make the most of natural light in a dark area

One of the oldest tactics to increase the amount of light in a dim living room is to utilise mirrors A room may have enough light but may lack depth. The mirrors enhance the sensation of space by reflecting the winter sun across the area. When working on this scale, try using an antiqued finish. In addition to softening the light's radiance, smoother surfaces risk veering into hair salon territory. Decorative lighting creates drama and pulls together the old and new with the rustic home décor items.

Install a beautiful mural in a dull living room

The hottest trend in decorating this season is scenic landscape paintings, which are incredibly dramatic and expressive. Choose stunning patterns to alter a dim living space and catch the imagination.

 Add blankets, throws and cushions in wintery hues

A cold, gloomy living room can be transformed by the colours you use to decorate, the furniture you select, and the lighting you choose, especially if you want a tranquil place to unwind in after a long day. Consider dressing your seasonal living room in rich navy blues, smoky greys, stunning greens and earthy taupes for a profoundly calm and cocooning area. Alternatively, consider warm chestnut browns, burnt orange and mustard hues for a more welcoming and homier vibe. Adding cushions, blankets and throws is the easiest way to change a summery sanctuary into a comfortable winter hideaway.

Since the living room is the most often utilised area, warm and inviting home decor items are now at the top of most people's lists. These are some tried-and-tested methods for enhancing the cosiness of your living area and making it more inviting.

With a few simple interior touches, winter can be a magical and cosy time inside your home. Don’t dread the cold season this year, embrace it! Shop our home décor items online at Wheel & Barrow.

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