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6 Items to Remember When Planning the Perfect Outdoor Dining Experience

6 Items to Remember When Planning the Perfect Outdoor Dining Experience

Moving your dinner, party, or gathering from indoors to outdoors can be a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather! However, to make your experience as smooth as possible, it is important to bring all of the essential items. That is why we are sharing our check list for outdoor dining, to help you make sure you have everything you need to make your next picnic, BBQ, gathering, or party a memorable one.

 melamine dinner plates and bowls

No. 1 – Melamine Dinnerware & Servingware

When enjoying a meal with family and friends outdoors, it can be a risk to use your good quality dinner set due to varying outdoor conditions or the heightened risk of breakages. That’s why we always have melamine dinnerware on our check list of items to use when outdoor dining.

Melamine is an organic-based nitrogen-rich compound that is used to make a variety of kitchen utensils, plates, and other plastic products. Melamine has become so popular over time due to its extreme durability, and heat and water resistance. Not only this, but melamine is 100% dishwasher safe and light weight, making it way too easy to clean and transport.  Plates and bowls made from this material are virtually unbreakable and the most convenient, making them the perfect material to use when dining outdoors and with little ones.

Melamine Dinnerware

Don’t let this technical description deter you, our range of melamine plates are designed in such a way that they resemble your finest stoneware and ceramic crockery. Coming in a range of sizes, colours, and designs, our range of melamine dinnerware is sure to have you dining outdoors in style! Each size and shape of plate is just as convenient as the next, with our range featuring melamine dinner plates, side plates, and bowls.

Melamine Servingware

Why stop at the dinnerware when you could pick up some melamine servingware too? Your food is sure to keep safe and cleaning up will be a breeze with our range of melamine serving platters, plates, bowls, and more!

 poly-carbonate glassware

No. 2 - Poly-Carbonate Drinkware

Now if anything is going to break at the next BBQ or backyard party, it’s glassware! Some of our finest glassware is not always equipped for outdoor conditions, transporting away from home or being used by guests that may be having a little too much fun. That’s why number 2 on our list is poly-carb drinkware.

Poly-carbonate is a transparent thermoplastic material that is often used to create drinkware in place of glass, due to its high durability, impact resistance, insulation, and flexibility. Being light-weight and dishwasher safe makes this material an absolute bonus when it comes to needed to quickly clean or transport drinkware for outdoor gatherings, parties, BBQs, picnics and more.

Functionality aside, poly-carb drinkware also looks the part! The clear plastic appearance of the material resembles glassware beautifully, helping you still look and feel classy when enjoying your favourite wines, cocktails, beer, spirits, and more. Imagine being able to enjoy a margarita by the pool in a classic margarita glass, but without the fear of potentially breaking the glass or getting it damaged by the outdoor elements. Well, you can do just that with our poly-carb range that features several different types of glasses:

  • Wine glass
  • Margarita glass
  • Martini glass
  • Highball
  • Tumbler
  • Champagne Flute
  • Pitcher

 food cover tray

No. 3 – Food Cover

Worried about going to the effort of making food to enjoy at a BBQ, picnic, or outdoor gathering, and it getting attacked by bugs or the outdoor elements? Well, that is exactly why we make sure to have a food cover on our check list for outdoor dining. Don’t make keeping your food safe an afterthought, by having a food cover in your collection!

Featuring a tray base, and a rounded cover, our food net covers are built to protect all of our favourite dishes, but also make your table look beautiful. Light weight, these food covers make it easy to transport the cover to your outdoor event, as well as move food and drinks around your gathering with ease. The tray base also makes it easy for you to transport your food and beverages around whilst keeping them covered and secure.

 Rattan Tray with picnic food

No. 4 – Trays

Speaking of trays, having a tray handy at your outdoor gathering will provide a world of difference when it comes to transporting your food, beverages, and other items from indoors to outdoors. Great for parties as well, an ample size tray will assist you in serving your snacks and drinks to guests with ease. You won’t have to worry about dropping any food and beverages and will cut-down the number of trips you do when setting up your outdoor dining or serving guests at a party.

 Beach Sunrise Picnic

No. 5 - Picnicware

Picnics make a great way to enjoy your food out in the beautiful weather, or a fun pass-time to share with friends and family. Picnics are also great because they are easy to set up just about anywhere you desire, and don’t require all the extra hassle of setting up a table or outdoor entertaining equipment. That’s why we are adamant that having a good picnic kit will be a great start for you to enjoy outdoor dining!

Picnic Basket

In our picnic kit, we always make sure we have the essentials. Firstly, a good picnic basket is essential to carrying all your food, beverages, crockery, and cutlery! Purchasing an insulated picnic basket is also a good idea in helping keep your food and beverages fresh and safe from hotter weather. Some of our picnic baskets also come with plates and cutlery stored inside, to assist you in getting your full picnic set up together!

Picnic Blanket

Next you want to make sure you have something to lay on the ground to make your picnic a comfy one, and to keep your food and drinks from getting dirty on the ground. We enjoy using a picnic rug or blanket that has a water proof backing for those less-than-ideal weather days, and to make it easier to clean the bottom of your rug after use.

Cooler Bag

Like a picnic basket, we also like to bring a cooler bag to assist in transporting our food and beverages and keeping everything at a nice temperature. Cooler bags are a good option when wanting to keep things specifically cold, as our cooler bags are designed to resist moisture. This means you can put your refrigerated items and even ice blocks in the bag without worrying about damaging it!

Picnic Table

Picnic tables are also another item that we keep on our list when it comes to outdoor dining. Our picnic table is a short fold out table that allows you to keep your food and drinks off ground, whilst also being able to easily enjoy them whilst sitting down. Our picnic table even has slots to help hold stemmed glassware, and a bottle of drink.

 Picnic Outdoor Fun Games

No. 6 – Outdoor Games

Outdoor dining doesn’t just have to be just about the food, why not introduce some outdoor games in the mix to help keep everyone entertained! Simple yet fun outdoor games can easily transform your gathering, party, or picnic into a memorable one. Why not try some of our outdoor games including:

  • Bocce Boules
  • Yatzy
  • Finnish Throwing Game
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