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Tumblers & Hi Balls

Tumblers & Hi Balls

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Tumblers & Hi Balls

A high-quality drink deserves a high-quality glass and here at Wheel&Barrow we have glass tumblers for absolutely any occasion. 

You will have no doubt attended parties and events where you were served good quality drinks in totally unsuitable glasses and despite any scientific evidence to the contrary, it does make the drink taste inferior. Put the same drink in a well-designed tumbler and it tastes many times better, this is a fact that the vast majority of people will concur with. 

Ultimately, if a decent drink is served in an unsuitable vessel, it doesn’t deliver the same pleasurable experience. If you would like your drinks to taste exactly how they should, order your whisky glasses, tumblers and highballs online from Wheel&Barrow.

Tumblers & Glasses For Home or Business Use

Regardless of whether you are buying for home or business use, a premium selection of scotch tumblers makes perfect sense and here at Wheel&Barrow we stock all you need. If you are in the hospitality business you will know that customer satisfaction is the one and only objective, many people enjoy a drink, but they enjoy it even more if served in a quality highball glass or whisky tumbler.

If you have taken the time, effort and money to source high quality drinks for home or your business, it makes perfect sense to accompany these drinks with a decent whisky or wine tumbler. Whether you need a single hi ball glass or a glass set for your business, Wheel&Barrow can deliver. For more details on bulk orders for business or events please contact us. 

Wheel&Barrow – Meeting your Glassware Needs Exactly

Here at Wheel&Barrow we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our glassware but also the level of customer service we provide. Our glassware is designed to ensure you get maximum satisfaction from your choice of whiskey and for us that means sipping your single malt from a purpose designed scotch tumbler and nothing else! 

If you know what you want, please proceed to buy online safely and securely, if you do have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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